OpenVZ Virtual Hosting

OpenVZ Hosting includes your choice of the following Linux versions: CentOS 6, and Ubuntu 14.04 (Additional OSes are Available, as are all premade VM appliances from TurnKeyLinux. All packages include full root access.

All Nodes are connected to the local network, and storage network at 1000mbit. Network is connected to a 100mbit internet connection, with multiple and redundant 10gbit uplinks from the datacenter.
Separate VM backups are available for $7.00 per month.


  • 10GB Disk Storage

  • 256MB Memory

  • 1500 CPU Priority

  • 50GB Data Transfer

  • 2mbit Network Bandwidth

  • $14.95/month


  • 20GB Disk Storage

  • 384MB Memory

  • 2500 CPU Priority

  • 200GB Data Transfer

  • 5mbit Network Bandwidth

  • $19.95/month


  • 40GB Disk Storage

  • 512MB Memory

  • 5000 CPU Priority

  • 500GB Data Transfer

  • 10mbit Network Bandwidth

  • $24.95/month