KVM Virtual Hosting

KVM Hosting includes your choice of Linux/Unix OS (CentOS 6 and 7, Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSuSE, FreeBSD, and all prebuilt Appliances from TurnKeyLinux . Other Operating Systems are installable, by emailing Sales and including a link to the ISO image. Windows is available with customer provided ISO or DVD, and license key. Full root access is provided. All KVM Virtual Machines are stored on a network storage array for redundancy.

All Nodes are connected to the local network, and storage network at 1000mbit. Network is connected to a 100mbit internet connection, with multiple and redundant 10gbit uplinks from the datacenter.
Separate VM backups are available for $7.00 per month.


  • 40GB Disk Storage

  • 2GB Memory

  • 2 CPU Cores

  • 500GB Data Transfer

  • 5mbit Network Bandwidth

  • $24.95/month


  • 60GB Disk Storage

  • 4GB Memory

  • 2 CPU Cores

  • 1000GB Data Transfer

  • 10mbit Network Bandwidth

  • $34.95/month


  • 80GB Disk Storage

  • 4GB Memory

  • 4 CPU Cores

  • 1000GB Data Transfer

  • 20mbit Network Bandwidth

  • $54.95/month